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Change your church culture with baby steps — Dan Serns and Jacob Serns

Stories of breakthroughs and transformation in the church. How to take action to see positive culture change in your own church.

Revival and Reformation - The secret prayer life of Jesus — Passmore Hachalinga

Where, when, and how did Jesus pray? What was His prayer life like, and what can we learn from it?

Implementing evangelism in the local church — David Hartman

A simple 7-step plan for implementing a culture of evangelism in the local church so that members will actively reach their neighbors for Christ.

Learning to navigate in missional waters — Len Hjalmarson

What is the difference between 'map readers' and 'navigators' and why is it valuable for pastors to understand this? How do we 'toss the map' and learn to navigate thr...

Editorial - Persevering through pain — Jeffrey O. Brown

Is it a good idea to 'push through pain'? How do we persevere through pain?

Coaching as pastoral care — Steven Grabiner

What is coaching? When should pastors use coaching as pastoral care? What is the method of coaching (how do I coach)?

“Pastor, I need your help!” - Giving care when in need of care — Sikhumbuzo Dube

Four self-care strategies around the acronym CARE that can aid ministers in their pastoral counseling.

Forsaking self for a relationship — W. Clarence Schilt

A personal story: How a pastor faced a challenging situation with his friend, and how Jesus brought healing, wisdom, and understanding through this difficult time.

What do you treasure? A reflection on self-sacrifice — Pavel Goia

Giving up self to follow Christ: The dangers of self-confidence, a personal story of how a father displayed self-sacrificing faith in Jesus, why the ultimate requireme...

Revival and Reformation - Dying to self — Unknown

What does 'dying to self' actually mean?

Crises in our world-Christ in our hearts — Elijah Mvundura

What is the church's real crisis? Are Adventist churchgoers focusing on Christ?

Editorial - Don’t forget reformation — David Trim

What is reformation? Is reformation linked to repentance? What does Ellen White say about reformation?

What I have learned from Jesus about preaching — Bertram L. Melbourne

How Jesus taught with distinctive kinds of authority. How He used parables, figures of speech, imagination, and sensory images when preaching.

Evaluating the sermon as a tool for learning — Carla Kronberg

Do congregants actually learn anything from sermons? The importance of active learning in the church service and how the sermon be used as a pedagogical tool.

The Word for everyone — Rogelio Paquini

Basic principles and elements of preaching to the intergenerational church.

The preacher’s p’s and q’s! - Applying some p’s and q’s — Ainsworth K. Morris

Exploring Biblical examples of preaching. The P’s and q’s of passionate pastoral preaching.

Seeking God’s heart for our community — Zac Page

A testimony of a successful church farm ministry. How to follow Jesus' model of drawing close to the people in the community.

When young people say, “Count me in.” — Micheal Goetz

Three tasks that will bring revival to young people and engage them in their churches.

Address your sins — Michael Zwaagstra

Exploring Moses' ministry, and the consequences of his sins. The importance of addressing your sins before going into a public ministry.

Breaking or Freeing? Jesus, the Sabbath, and John 5:18 — Steven Thompson

Did Jesus really break the Sabbath? Exploring Jesus' actions on the Sabbath, and what we learn from this.

Revival and Reformation - Trusting the wind — John S. Redkoles

Exploring how scripture describes the Spirit of God as wind. How the Holy Spirit works with and in us.

Another look at the third commandment — Roman Pawlak

What is God's name? What does it really mean to take the Lord's name in vain?

The new covenant of Exodus — Elizabeth Ostring

Exploring the different covenants of Bible scripture. A close look at the new covenant in the Sinai setting.

Editorial 2 - All hands on deck — Jeffrey O. Brown

Are all Christians God's ministers? How does the Ministerial Association of the Seventh-day Adventist Church support pastors of all denominations?

Editorial 1 - What is our job? — Pavel Goia

A lesson for a pastor: God can use literally anyone who is willing to work with Him in saving precious souls.

Making online evangelistic meetings effective — David M. Klinedinst

What the Chesapeake Conference learned through doing online evangelistic meetings. Tips for how to make online evangelistic meetings successful.

Forceful people entering the kingdom — Hyunsok John Doh

Is there a place for 'forceful invaders' in the Kingdom? What does it look like to be a forceful invader of God's kingdom? What biblical examples are there of people f...

Choosing leadership — Orathai (Saw) Chureson

What is Biblical Leadership? What are the different types of biases associated with leadership? How can the church cultivate healthy leadership?

Working together for successful evangelism — Angel J. Rodriguez

Does evangelism work in today’s postmodern society? Seven ways to make evangelism effective in 2022.

No Limits! The power and joys of unselfish ministry — Jerry N. Page

Personal stories of struggles with selfishness and pride, and testimonies of how God came through to reveal the power and joys of unselfish ministry.

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