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Don't be afraid to cry — Bertram L. Melbourne

What lessons will we learn from this pandemic, its devastation and pain? What will be our takeaways?

A book about Jesus — Denis Fortin

Since its appearance at the end of the first century even to this day, the book of Revelation has generated great interest and a multitude of interpretations. Why was this book written, how do we interpret it, and what does it say to us today?

Practical aspects of the proclamation of the three angels’ messages — Ted N. C. Wilson

Only by relying completely on Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit will we be able to accomplish anything. God is now preparing us for something very unusual—the outpouring of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit. Let the second coming of Christ and His three angels’ messages be proclaimed by every Seventh-day Adventist around the world because Jesus is coming soon!

Of barks and bites — Pavel Goia

Jesus is coming soon! God has allowed particular neighbors to be located around us. Let’s not get upset or afraid. For many, their bark is worse than their bite. Let’s give them something they would like, treat them with love, and then gently lead them home.

If the Cross Could Speak — Hymers Wilson Jr.

We need to work together for a better society—just as Jesus did. Our actions will not be based on a notion of human betterment but on the prayer for divine grace, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10, KJV).

Sweet Communion — Joy Wendt

I cherished that the Communion was conducted in a way that reflected God’s love, compassion, acceptance, and infinite grace. This was another sweet Communion I would never forget.

Making Appeals and Getting Decisions — David M. Klinedinst

When we intentionally make appeals in the pulpit, people will respond, and baptisms will increase. In every congregation, there exists someone whose heart is ripe to respond. Whether we are making personal appeals in a Bible study or public ones from the pulpit, there is one essential thing the soul winner must remember: to get decisions, you must ask for them.

Reflections on the Pandemic and Final Events — Marco T. Terreros

Even with a tragedy as terrible as the COVID-19 pandemic, God gives us opportunities, and we should take advantage of them. Each of us should place our entire dependence on the Lord, sustained by a thorough study of His Word, meditation, and prayer.

Proclamation and discipleship: God’s strategic plan to evangelize the world — Kim Papaioannou

A harmonious blending of ministries covering both aspects of the evangelization spectrum is the optimum recipe for successfully working with God to share His love with a lost world.

Smile again — Jeffrey O. Brown

Let’s give our world a brand-new introduction to Jesus. Let’s offer it a rare moment to smile.

Keeping the faith: One chaplain, one treatment center, one world crisis — Eric Oakes

In this pandemic, we need chaplains in an industry that regularly deals with sickness; fear; lack of hope; and, at its worst, death and dying.

Coming to the party? — Marguerite Shuster

The people Jesus spent time with were those your parents warned you not to hang out with. Why would He do that? And what does that mean for us?

The Bible’s final word on buying and selling — Steven Thompson

Three buying-and-selling events that take on increased relevance in our world’s quickly changing economic and social situation are included in the book of Revelation in its record of revealed end-time conditions. What do they show us?

To infinity and beyond — Justin Kim

Intimacy with Jesus is hearing that still, small Voice through reading, hearing, and studying the Word. And what that calls for is a response.

Carrying Jesus: Is it Too Much For You? — Vernon T. Waters

As colleagues in ministry, we need to remember our humanity and the essential need for balance in all things. Jesus has called us to carry Him to the world (Matt. 24:14; 28:19, 20), but before that can be fully achieved, we must develop intimacy with Him, guarding the heart with all diligence.

Working with other strong leaders: Lessons from David and Joab — Glenn Townend

Everyone is valuable despite their weaknesses. We all have unique gifts and talents to help further God’s purposes.

Empty-headed ministry — Alain Coralie

Acknowledging God as the Source of all truth, the cultivation of the mind necessarily takes place in total dependence upon Him.

The dilemma of choosing leaders — Gabriel Adu-Acheampong

Serving in church leadership means being part of God’s movement at an appropriate time, for an appropriate place, and in an appropriate manner.

“Please protect us!” — Tina Whiteman

As we win kids to the Lord, let us be their safe place by protecting them from harm. It is your moral, spiritual, and legal responsibility, as church leaders, to do so—and anything less can make a bad situation infinitely worse.

​“The man nobody knows” — Norman H. Young

Let all of us who take the name of Jesus, no matter our culture, creed, or color, heed His radical reinterpretation of Leviticus 19:18.

A pastoral mission: An interview with Roy and June Jamieson — Pavel Goia & Anthony Kent

May this example encourage pastors around the world to build genuine relationships with leaders in their community, including pastors of other denominations.

In vain? — Ekkehardt Mueller

We may not see the results that we desire, and some of the positive results that we witnessed may begin crumbling at our fingertips. The success of our ministry cannot be easily measured here and now.

Does your crop have roots? — Sheryl Beck

What is buried in your crop’s heart to help prepare your church for the last days?

Our daily work: God’s idea — Elizabeth Ostring

What qualifies as work that is blessed by the Lord?

Improbable hero — John Wesley Taylor V

Not all heroes are the main characters in history.

Change the questions, change the world — Sung Kwon

By focusing on the right things, our ministry can more closely mirror that of our example Jesus.

The incomparable “Alpha and Omega” — Laszlo Gallusz

Listen in for how the few words that God directly speaks in the book of Revelation can shape our understanding of Him.

​Our first calling — Jasper Ivan Iturriaga

When ministry distracts from what's important.

Three Angels, One Gospel — Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

The three messages are embedded in one message—the eternal gospel—which is powerful enough to save us and to bring the cosmic conflict to an end.

The Bridge We Build — Jeffrey O. Brown

It is a radical message of love and compassion that bridges earth and heaven and human and human. It is a revolutionary message of healing and deliverance that connects body and soul and church and community.

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