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True or false—Giving is better than getting — Lilya Wagner

How does the amount of what we have impact our giving? Or should it?

Out of the blocks! Inter-American Division responds to strategic plan — Jeffrey O. Brown

Balvin B. Braham, D. Ed, who is assistant to the president of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD), with responsibilities for evangelism and leadership development, is interviewed by Jeffrey O. Brown

No Fear — George Brown

How can we show no fear?

The Final Inspection — Pavel Goia

What is the best way to prepare for an inspection? What about the most important kind of all?

Our High Calling — Kim Papaioannou

With growing attention on supernatural healing, how should we view it? Are we real ministers of God without it? What is the balance with other kinds of ministry, such as preaching and teaching?

Building a Culture of Liberality in the Local Church — Aniel Barbe

It can be awkward to remind church members of the importance of tithe and offering. So, how can we foster a culture that encourages giving for all the right reasons?

Stewards of this Gift — Skip Bell

God gave us a marvelous gift when He entrusted us with the earth. How can we take care of it in such a way that we honor Him?

Enough — Bonita Shields

When hard times come, it can be easy to focus on what we do not have. But do we actually focus on what we have when we do have more? How can we be content no matter what?

Do You Smell Like an Angel? — Sebastien J. Braxton

Sebastien shares a powerful experience of witnessing to someone who he thought was not worth the time — and he learned about how God prepares people to receive His love before we even arrive.

Prayer: The key to church growth — Nelson Mercado

What is the role of prayer in church growth — and how can we walk with God through this process?

Joy to the World — Jeffrey O. Brown

The time of only good news is coming.

To believe again—a plea for Adventist Christian education — Denton Rhone

Adventist Christian Education brings a wealth of blessing and opportunity in its train. How can we give more people access to this kind of education? What reasons are there to fight for it?

Sacrificing for God’s cause — Alberto R. Timm

Self-sacrifice has been a key part of mission work starting with God Himself, and it has continued throughout history ever since. What can we learn from those who have gone before us?

Understanding childhood spiritual abuse — Anne Fargusson

Childhood spiritual abuse is more pervasive and damaging than many realize. What are the signs and effects of this kind of abuse? How can we walk others — or even ourselves — through the process of healing?

The evangelism diamond: A model for successful evangelism — Ron E. M. Clouzet

"The secret of success is to find a need and fill it, to find a hurt and heal it, to find somebody with a problem and offer to help solve it." How can we apply this in a Christ-like way to evangelism?

“Your face, Lord, I will seek”: Toward the theology of the face of God — Jiří Moskala

What does the Bible tell us about the face of God? What kind of people will see it, and what blessings will that experience bring?

What has God’s grace done for you? — Melody Mason

What can be learn about reflecting on what God has done for us? How does that effect our witness to the world?

What the church needs to effectively evangelize the world — Ron Clouzet

In order to fulfill its mission, what does the church need?

Reform Us Again — Jeffrey O. Brown

Is revival enough? Where does reformation come into the experience?

The Pew Talks Back to the Pulpit — Niels-Erik Andreasen

Andreasen delves into what the pew would say to the pulpit if it could speak, thus sharing thoughts on the church service.

One Certainty Prevails — Anthony Kent

In the midst of a year that will be remembered for its uncertainty, what can we still be certain of?

Economics, Pandemics, and Prophecy — Tim H. Aka

As Christians, how should we react to the current pandemic and economic upheaval? What can we learn both from history and prophecy about such times?

"Leave Her Alone!" — Dwight K. Nelson

There has been a rise in cases of abuse since the onset of COVID. Where is Jesus amidst this kind of suffering?

Struggling to trust: Why I raised my Promise percentage — Marcos Faiock Bomfim

In a time where financial certainty is deserting many of us, what can we learn about persisting in faithful giving? About trusting God with everything?

Four things to do before you decide to walk away — Kevin McDonald

Pastoral ministry is difficult — how can you know if it's time to walk away or continue?

Lessons from Peter on ministry crisis management — Daniel L. Honore

As leaders in our churches, what can we learn from Peter about how to manage, even thrive, in the current crises?

Songs in the Night — Marye Trim

Hear how God ministered directly to a woman during some of the hardest nights — and how He continues to

Less can be more! Finding positive opportunities in hard financial times — Jerry N. Page

Many of us are finding ourselves in financially difficult times — how can we rely on God through these times?

The holy ground of confinement — Alan Wilson

How can we stay close to God, positive, and a blessing to others when we are confined by circumstances?

Editorial: Get Off the Bank — Jeffrey O. Brown

How do we know we're doing the right thing in times like these?

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