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Empty-headed ministry — Alain Coralie

Acknowledging God as the Source of all truth, the cultivation of the mind necessarily takes place in total dependence upon Him.

The dilemma of choosing leaders — Gabriel Adu-Acheampong

Serving in church leadership means being part of God’s movement at an appropriate time, for an appropriate place, and in an appropriate manner.

“Please protect us!” — Tina Whiteman

As we win kids to the Lord, let us be their safe place by protecting them from harm. It is your moral, spiritual, and legal responsibility, as church leaders, to do so—and anything less can make a bad situation infinitely worse.

​“The man nobody knows” — Norman H. Young

Let all of us who take the name of Jesus, no matter our culture, creed, or color, heed His radical reinterpretation of Leviticus 19:18.

A pastoral mission: An interview with Roy and June Jamieson — Pavel Goia & Anthony Kent

May this example encourage pastors around the world to build genuine relationships with leaders in their community, including pastors of other denominations.

In vain? — Ekkehardt Mueller

We may not see the results that we desire, and some of the positive results that we witnessed may begin crumbling at our fingertips. The success of our ministry cannot be easily measured here and now.

Does your crop have roots? — Sheryl Beck

What is buried in your crop’s heart to help prepare your church for the last days?

Our daily work: God’s idea — Elizabeth Ostring

What qualifies as work that is blessed by the Lord?

Improbable hero — John Wesley Taylor V

Not all heroes are the main characters in history.

Change the questions, change the world — Sung Kwon

By focusing on the right things, our ministry can more closely mirror that of our example Jesus.

The incomparable “Alpha and Omega” — Laszlo Gallusz

Listen in for how the few words that God directly speaks in the book of Revelation can shape our understanding of Him.

​Our first calling — Jasper Ivan Iturriaga

When ministry distracts from what's important.

Three Angels, One Gospel — Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

The three messages are embedded in one message—the eternal gospel—which is powerful enough to save us and to bring the cosmic conflict to an end.

The Bridge We Build — Jeffrey O. Brown

It is a radical message of love and compassion that bridges earth and heaven and human and human. It is a revolutionary message of healing and deliverance that connects body and soul and church and community.

Three ways to ensure a healthy pastoral placement — Peter Iwankiw

Excellent pastoral placement isn't guaranteed to be serendipitous — so what can a pastor do that is helpful from the onset?

From surviving to thriving — S. Joseph Kidder & Willie Edward Hucks II

How to inspire and lead effect ministry amidst the COVID-19 era.

The gift of continuing pastoral education — Sharon Aka

Finishing seminary is not the end of a pastor's education. With a mindset of lifelong learning and continued education, pastor's are both personally enriched and are able to better serve their churches.

Losing lives—but keeping hope — Leonard Johnson

How should we respond to the worst of times? How can we keep true hope alive?

Seven principles of being a Tentmaker — Homer Trecartin

Not only can tentmakers go where church workers often cannot, but also when the church is shut down and the leaders imprisoned or killed, tentmakers are often able to continue their work.

Receiving hate, giving love — Pavel Goia

God is calling us to experience His love and reflect it to those around us—to the same degree that He has loved us.

Do you trust God at least as much as you trust yourself? — Israel Ramos

Israel shares lessons of God's love from a key phase of his marriage.

Charging your spiritual device: The power of biblical journaling — David Hartman

In serving others, we can often neglect ourselves. Listen in to learn how you can use biblical journalling to maintain an ever closer relationship with Christ.

Psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit: Paul’s formula for congregational worship — Adriana Perera

One of the strongest points of contention in a church often centers around worship styles. What does the Bible actually say about worship styles? How can we have truly Biblical worship experiences?

The nuts and bolts of ministry — James F. Howard

Tune in for Howard's interview of Mike Wells, focusing on the practicals of ministry.

The Baptist: Still Preaching — Michael Goetz

John the Baptist preached a powerful message leading up to Jesus' ministry. How is his preaching still relevant today?

Ministering to the hurting flock — Nikolaus Satelmajer

Trust is stronger than the calamities we experience. Trust does not provide all the answers, but it enables us to move forward and be there for those who need us.

Focus, Pastor! — Ivan L. Williams

You can stay focused in a blurry, unfocused world. When it comes to the tasks of ministry, our vision can be renewed.

Social justice and the role of young Adventist activists — Gary Blanchard

In a world that is growing more polarized as well as in desperate need of change, how should a young person respond?

Laodicea and Adventist eschatology — Clinton Wahlen

How is the letter to the Laodicean church tied with end time events?

The new normal and stewardship — Michael Harpe

In a time that many of us are suffering loss, how can we still exemplify Godly generosity?

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