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Independent congregations or worldwide organized church?

Two church leaders accused James White of something absolutely scandalous. And James readily admitted that the accu- sation was true. So, what was this tale that Iowa Conference president B. F. Snook and secretary W. H. Brinkerhoff spread all around just after the May 17, 1865, General Conference Session in Battle Creek, Michigan?

A multichurch district board: Helping or hurting?

What exactly is a multichurch district council or board? A multi-church district is an amalgamation of several local churches in a given geographical territory under the guidance of a single pastor with associates, if any. The highest decision-making body for a district is referred to as a multichurch district council. What kind of relationship do these councils have to the local church boards? Do they replace them? Is there a duplication of functions? Is there conflict?

Emotional Intelligence for Effective Ministry — Lori Ciccarelli Stotko

For excellent performance, EQ is twice as important as IQ. What exactly is EQ and how can it be practiced effectively?

Editorial: Where are the Miracles? — Jonathan Walter

What is the most effective ministry strategy for one of the most secular countries on earth? Furthermore, how can we experience the successful ministry that Jesus wants us to experience with Him?

What Every Pastor Should Know About Disabilities – Patrick Johnson

How do we relate to people with disabilities in our churches? How do we include them? How do we make them feel?

Hannah in the temple: A spiritual care response to involuntary childlessness

How do we, as pastors, deal with those struggling with involuntary childlessness?

Ministering to the disabled community by the local congregation – Daniel M. Forbes

I have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with and ministering to members of the disabled community and their families, as well as their caregivers. Blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth await a congregation willing to prayerfully minister with Christian love and acceptance to the disabled.

​The five levels of commitment and how they affect the local church – by Diego Boquer

In my first three years of ministry, I was committed to preaching—but not to sermon preparation. The result was dozens of halfhearted sermons prepared the night before to be endured by the dear saints. It took a Damascus Road experience to make me realize that if I sincerely wanted God to...

Jesus: God's Story and Storyteller – Kenley D. Hall

If telling stories was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us.

God's longing for His church – by Ron E. M. Clouzet

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth” (John 16:13a, NIV).

What do you see? – Jeffrey O. Brown

I was working at Agona-Ashanti Secondary School in Ghana when it happened. While I was speaking with Dr. Joseph Addai, the school chaplain, his son suddenly burst into tears. “Why is he crying?” I asked. The father conversed with his son, then turned to me, laughing...

Editorial: Our Greatest Treasure – by Melody Mason

Do I really recognize the treasure I’ve been given in the Word of God? Is spending time in prayer and meditating on God’s Word more precious than all my earthly pursuits?

Not by might, nor by power— but still done only by His Spirit – Jan-Harry Cabungcal

Why not give Him the woes in your life and ministry? Remember, His work in us is accomplished “ ‘not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts” (Zech. 4:6, NKJV).

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