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The nuts and bolts of ministry — James F. Howard

Tune in for Howard's interview of Mike Wells, focusing on the practicals of ministry.

The Baptist: Still Preaching — Michael Goetz

John the Baptist preached a powerful message leading up to Jesus' ministry. How is his preaching still relevant today?

Ministering to the hurting flock — Nikolaus Satelmajer

Trust is stronger than the calamities we experience. Trust does not provide all the answers, but it enables us to move forward and be there for those who need us.

Focus, Pastor! — Ivan L. Williams

You can stay focused in a blurry, unfocused world. When it comes to the tasks of ministry, our vision can be renewed.

Social justice and the role of young Adventist activists — Gary Blanchard

In a world that is growing more polarized as well as in desperate need of change, how should a young person respond?

Laodicea and Adventist eschatology — Clinton Wahlen

How is the letter to the Laodicean church tied with end time events?

The new normal and stewardship — Michael Harpe

In a time that many of us are suffering loss, how can we still exemplify Godly generosity?

Who is God? What the Bible says about the Trinity — Igor Lorencin

How important is the doctrine of the trinity? Is it foundational? ...Even for salvation?

The pastor’s mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic — Marlon C. Robinson

Clergy mental health is often sidelined. Listen in to find out how to practically make it a priority.

Evangelism is canceled — Jeffrey O. Brown

What is the true heart of evangelism, and how can it continue in these times?

God delights to answer specific prayers — Callie Buruchara

Can we only pray in generic ways? What happens when we pray for very specific experiences?

Where is God leading? You never know. — Lynn A. Eastman

God's ability to provide exceeds our wildest expectations.

Showing the love of Jesus: How God works through ability diversity — Ray W. McAllister

How does God work through people when they don't have certain abilities? Can God work in special ways through them — that He may not have otherwise?

The doorknob of heaven: A fresh look at money and spirituality — Julian Archer

Is it wrong to be wealthy? What is the relationship between money and spirituality? Most importantly, how can we surrender to Christ even in the area of our finances?

Extending the boundaries of family ministry — Gordon O. Martinborough & Waveney Martinborough

How does the Elijah message relate to family ministry? As a church, how can we extend this family ministry to the whole world?

The last word of the book of Daniel — Artur Stele

What is the significance of the last word of Daniel? What rich and practical meaning does it hold for us today?

A Rescue Plan — Robert Costa

What is God's rescue plan? How can we be a part of it?

Crossing the world—or crossing the street? — David M. Klinedinst & Bryan Mann

What is the role of Christians in light of social injustice and racism?

Embracing God’s heart for immigrants and refugees — S. Joseph Kidder & Boubakar Sanou

How does God view immigrants and refugees? How should we — practically?

Demographics and the future of the church — Claude Richli

How does the multitude of rich cultures in the US affect how we do ministry and how we work as a church?

True or false—Giving is better than getting — Lilya Wagner

How does the amount of what we have impact our giving? Or should it?

Out of the blocks! Inter-American Division responds to strategic plan — Jeffrey O. Brown

Balvin B. Braham, D. Ed, who is assistant to the president of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD), with responsibilities for evangelism and leadership development, is interviewed by Jeffrey O. Brown

No Fear — George Brown

How can we show no fear?

The Final Inspection — Pavel Goia

What is the best way to prepare for an inspection? What about the most important kind of all?

Our High Calling — Kim Papaioannou

With growing attention on supernatural healing, how should we view it? Are we real ministers of God without it? What is the balance with other kinds of ministry, such as preaching and teaching?

Building a Culture of Liberality in the Local Church — Aniel Barbe

It can be awkward to remind church members of the importance of tithe and offering. So, how can we foster a culture that encourages giving for all the right reasons?

Stewards of this Gift — Skip Bell

God gave us a marvelous gift when He entrusted us with the earth. How can we take care of it in such a way that we honor Him?

Enough — Bonita Shields

When hard times come, it can be easy to focus on what we do not have. But do we actually focus on what we have when we do have more? How can we be content no matter what?

Do You Smell Like an Angel? — Sebastien J. Braxton

Sebastien shares a powerful experience of witnessing to someone who he thought was not worth the time — and he learned about how God prepares people to receive His love before we even arrive.

Prayer: The key to church growth — Nelson Mercado

What is the role of prayer in church growth — and how can we walk with God through this process?

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