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Imprecatory Psalms: Confrontation and comfort — Tina Frist Smith

The experiences, conversations, and divine perspectives found within the book of Psalms can play a powerful role in Christian counseling by effectively guiding and supporting the transition of suffering believers from anger to resolution, from grief to comfort, and from doubt to trust in God, even if the exact science of the transformative process remains unexplained.

The passive-aggressive pulpit — Seth Pierce

Each of us is called to active pastoral care, not passive-aggressive preaching. When troubles come to our people, we need to make sure it is not the personal pressures of parish life that lead us to make public speeches.

Humility: Prerequisite for Ministry — Paul Byabu Masereka

People may look at how competent and self-confident someone is when they elect leaders, but God does not choose the strong and the mighty to serve Him but, rather, those who acknowledge their weakness and nothingness.

Surprising grace — Jiří Moskala

What is grace? What does God's grace mean for us? What are the different types of grace? How are we to respond to God's grace?

A new church for a new world — Erton C. Köhler

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted and changed the Seventh Day Adventist Church?

God, a train wreck, and the unexpected — M. Lee

Each day, many providential, seemingly random, out of the ordinary, troublesome, and even tragic and very painful events take place in our ministries and personal lives. Whether they are His work or the enemy’s, God speaks and works not only through what we expect but also through the unplanned.

Inclusivity strengthens member engagement — Paulasir Abraham

In employment, worship, fellowship, prayer, praising, and promotion, we ought to emulate the early church’s inclusivity.

PTSD: A 10-step guide for ministry professionals — Sydney Segen

You and other ministry professionals have direct heavenly connections that can bring peace to people with PTSD.

The uplifted Christ — Edwin Reynolds

Jesus calls us to look by faith to Him uplifted on the cross just as Moses lifted up the bronze serpent as a trophy that the power of sin has been broken.

Let the beauty we love: The preacher’s art — Len Hjalmarson

Proclamation and performance belong together, much like Word and Spirit. The preacher’s real platform is their own person and the life they have lived.

“Three Cosmic Messages”: An interview with Mark Finley — Pavel Goia

An interview with Mark Finely about the the Three Angles' Messages. Finely shares what the greatest misunderstanding of this message is, how these messages link with end time revival and reformation, and why he uses the term 'Three Cosmic Messages' in his sermons.

We Don’t Have Another Side — Jeffrey O. Brown

Does the Seventh Day Adventist Church take sides? The difference between agreement & alignment, and disagreement & division within the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Conversion, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and New Testament religious practices — Clinton Wahlen

The New Testament consistently associates receiving the Spirit with repentance, conversion, and baptism. The conversions of Paul, the Samaritans, Cornelius and his household, and other Gentile believers were unique.

The divine “Go” commands: Embracing the biblical model of disciple making — Melak Alemayehu Tsegaw

As recorded in the book of Acts, the life of the first Christian church portrays their love to God and one another as the source of their success in making disciples: “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved” (Acts 2:46, 47; NIV).

Restoration for a traumatized world — Katelyn Campbell Weakley & Ingrid Weiss Slikkers

In the history of the world, there has always been trauma. It has left angry scars across countless hearts. Today, we know that this will only increase. As Christ’s disciples, we must take up the love of God and boldly go forth to minister to broken hearts.

The three angels’ messages: Antiquated message or relevant present truth? — Mark A. Finley

End-time believers filled with the faith of Jesus will go through the greatest time of trouble in the history of our world. But through His grace and by His power, they will emerge victorious.

A funeral homily beyond the usual — Lawrence G. Downing

A funeral or memorial service is an occasion that calls for a pastor to apply skills and creative thought that transform a boilerplate cliché into a creative homily.

How do I look at others? — Bernard Sauvagnat

Let us not join the crowd. If we adopt its vision, we risk being obstacles to those who want to discover Jesus but feel too small beside us.

The Holy Spirit does not quarantine — Moise Ratsara

I am convinced more than ever that a church that prays together stays together and, by God’s grace, grows together, even when physically distanced from each other.

Writing for public ministry — Gene G. Bradbury

Whether the preparation is for public ministry or private consultation, it has the same purpose: writing is incarnational. Through it, words are made flesh.

Leading like Mordecai: Four leadership values from the book of Esther — LaKeisha Williams

Leaders who struggle to have an assurance of their impact need to take the time to consider Mordecai’s story recorded in the book of Esther. Pause and step away from the questionable leadership examples found in the world around us and turn your attention to a lasting guide in God’s Word.

Don't be afraid to cry — Bertram L. Melbourne

What lessons will we learn from this pandemic, its devastation and pain? What will be our takeaways?

A book about Jesus — Denis Fortin

Since its appearance at the end of the first century even to this day, the book of Revelation has generated great interest and a multitude of interpretations. Why was this book written, how do we interpret it, and what does it say to us today?

Practical aspects of the proclamation of the three angels’ messages — Ted N. C. Wilson

Only by relying completely on Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit will we be able to accomplish anything. God is now preparing us for something very unusual—the outpouring of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit. Let the second coming of Christ and His three angels’ messages be proclaimed by every Seventh-day Adventist around the world because Jesus is coming soon!

Of barks and bites — Pavel Goia

Jesus is coming soon! God has allowed particular neighbors to be located around us. Let’s not get upset or afraid. For many, their bark is worse than their bite. Let’s give them something they would like, treat them with love, and then gently lead them home.

If the Cross Could Speak — Hymers Wilson Jr.

We need to work together for a better society—just as Jesus did. Our actions will not be based on a notion of human betterment but on the prayer for divine grace, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10, KJV).

Sweet Communion — Joy Wendt

I cherished that the Communion was conducted in a way that reflected God’s love, compassion, acceptance, and infinite grace. This was another sweet Communion I would never forget.

Making Appeals and Getting Decisions — David M. Klinedinst

When we intentionally make appeals in the pulpit, people will respond, and baptisms will increase. In every congregation, there exists someone whose heart is ripe to respond. Whether we are making personal appeals in a Bible study or public ones from the pulpit, there is one essential thing the soul winner must remember: to get decisions, you must ask for them.

Reflections on the Pandemic and Final Events — Marco T. Terreros

Even with a tragedy as terrible as the COVID-19 pandemic, God gives us opportunities, and we should take advantage of them. Each of us should place our entire dependence on the Lord, sustained by a thorough study of His Word, meditation, and prayer.

Proclamation and discipleship: God’s strategic plan to evangelize the world — Kim Papaioannou

A harmonious blending of ministries covering both aspects of the evangelization spectrum is the optimum recipe for successfully working with God to share His love with a lost world.

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