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Editorial - Married to a pastor—now what? — Aurora Canals

What resources and opportunities does the Ministerial Spouses Association provide for ministerial spouses? How are ministerial spouses empowered through the Ministeria...

Three signs of the times –– René Gehring

Are the current catastrophes of the world a sign of Jesus’ imminent second coming? What are three real signs of Jesus' second coming?

Hope that does not disappoint –– Mark A. Finley

Exploring the eternal hope that Christ offers us in a world of hopelessness and despair.

Hope in times of hopelessness –– Christopher Holland

Christ is coming soon. What is it that we are to watch for, and how can we be ready for the second coming of Christ?

He is coming – for you –– Charissa Torossian

How do we ensure that we are ready to meet our heavenly Bridegroom? How do we prepare our congregations to await a Groom like this?

Empowering young adults in mission: What churches can do — Dustin Serns

 What could our church do to further catalyze, unify, and sustain our revitalization through empowering young adults in mission? 

Editorial - The pressure of summer ministry — Jeffrey O. Brown

A word of encouragement to pastors, as they navigate the many challenges they face in pastoral work. 

"How can I have what she has, God?" –– Don Maclafferty & Melody Mason

A powerful testimony of how God answers prayers!

Upholding scripture in times of ethical relativism –– Elias Brasil De Souza

Learn the nature and purpose of the Bible!

Coming back to the living word –– Nina Atcheson

Do you find yourself in a constant spin cycle of resolving conflicts, managing programs, preparing sermons, giving Bible studies, and running all week to meet the need...

The spiritual life of the pastor — Frank M. Hasel

Pastors have a significant influence on the theological and spiritual future of the church. Learn and understand how the spiritual life of a pastor can be both reward...

What is new in the new covenant? — Jiří Moskala

What was the old covenant? What went wrong? What is the new covenant? 

Editorial - You can’t give what you don’t have — Pavel Goia

Ministers cannot preach the assurance of salvation and growth in Christ unless they personally experience it.  What are a couple of ways that you can grow into God’s i...

One subject will swallow up all others — Ty Gibson

What is the one thing Adventist ministers can do that will massively increase their effectiveness? Master the subject of righteousness by faith and incorporate it in...

Pulpits of Hope: Fulfilling God’s mission — Robert Costa & Mark Finley

Learn the five keys for successful evangelism.

Rest and righteousness: Grace a lot or grace alone — Elizabeth Viera Talbot

Learn how to understand the Sabbath as the sign of righteousness by grace through faith and the rest our souls experience in Christ's accomplished work on our behalf.

Tears of joy as missionary hails Mongolian milestone — Andrew McChesney

Read and learn about the struggles, journey, and victories won in Mongolia!

Empowering young adults in mission - What leaders can do — Dustin Serns

Empowering young adults in the church through connecting with them, creating community environments, and through investing in young leaders.

Editorial - The promise of spring ministry — Jeffrey O. Brown

A note of encouragement to pastors as they begin their Spring ministry. 

Ruled by a clear conscious — Robert Osei-Bonsu

In the face of relentless bombardment by countless views and opinions, are our consciences guided by Scripture or by individual preference?

Revival and Reformation - By His Spirit — Michelle Odinma

A personal testimony of forgetting self, and relying on His spirit for results.

Ethnic diversity: A current and significant opportunity for the church — John W. Telman

How can we fulfill the Great Commission across ethnic lines? Discover new ways to work with ethnic diversity within your congregation.

Pastoral visitation made easier — Dan Serns

How can we keep pastoral visitation a top priority in our ministry? Here are three keys that can help prioritize this ministry.

Does anybody care? - The response to perplexity — Drexel Rankin

Is ministering to others the job of the pastor? Can lay people be ministers too? How can the 'equipping of the saints' provide the opportunity to share and expand min...

Existential fear and existential hope: Reading Biblical apocalyptic in an age of anxiety –– Laszlo Gallusz

In a world that is fading, and filled with various world views, what is the foundation of Christian hope? What is our place in the world? What ending does God promise ...

Guest Editorial: We have this hope –– Maurice Valentine

How the Seventh-day Adventist Church includes people who work closely and effectively, people who are making progress, and people who are called- all with the aim of s...

Social media—Friend or foe? — Jeff Scoggins

Social media can be a friend or a foe, depending on how one uses it or is used by it. A few suggestions for helping mitigate negative factors and increase positive fac...

Our currency—influence — Roy E. Gane

What can we learn about influence from scripture? What can we learn about influence from Solomon? Five tips for expanding your Christian influence.

Can Christians use TikTok for evangelism? — Damian Chambers

What is TikTok? What are some problems associated with the rise and dominance of TikTok video culture? What are some practical tips for evangelism on TikTok and simila...

Sidewalk Evangelism: Three angels’ messages for the city — Sandra Dombrowski

What is sidewalk evangelism? How can we share Revelation 14 in urban communities? Five principles for city sidewalk evangelism.

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