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From calling to retirement: Memories of a retired pastor — Roberval Moura Marinho

Stories and testimonies from a wonderful career of medical missionary work in the Amazonas, as well as lessons learned along the way. 

Seven things pastors should know about their retirees — Bruce Manners

Seven points to help you understand retirees in your congregation(s) as well as help you plan and prepare wisely for your own retirement. 

Out the other side: The unique challenge of endings in ministry — Silvia Purdie

This article identifies four reasons ministry transition can be uniquely challenging, together with four biblical themes that enable us to grow “out the other side” of...

A prophet with burnout syndrome — Wagner Augusto V. Aragão and Rubenita de Oliveira Xavier Aragão

Four truths from Elijah’s experiences and what pastors can learn from this. A five-step plan that can help the pastors prevent burnout syndrome. 

Editorial - Both-and — Jeffrey O. Brown

What should we be focused on: Justice or judgement? Prayer or action? Meditation or agitation? Spiritual transformation or social reformation? 

The Apocrypha: Their relevance to biblical studies and pastoral ministry — Davidson Razafiarivony

This article assesses the value and use of the Apocrypha in biblical studies and pastoral ministry.

Jesus: What’s in a name? — Steven Thompson

The name Jesus is derived from the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua. What did that name mean to the contemporaries of Jesus? What message did it communicate? How c...

A Puritan idea of the great controversy: Thomas Tillam and Sabbath at the last days — Donny Chrissutianto

How long have the concepts of the Sabbath and the great controversy been around? How is the Sabbath linked to the great controversy? 

Why must Satan be released? — Kayle B. de Waal

We would expect that Satan would be exposed and then immediately annihilated after all the drama in Revelation. But he's not.  Why must Satan be set free after the mil...

Revival and Reformation - The vacation paradox — David Buruchara

Why do we sometimes feel like we need a vacation after a vacation? What kind of rest does Jesus offer the tired worker? 

Anointing the sick: Revisiting a misunderstood service — Kim Papaioannou

Is anointing only for the sick and dying? What qualifies someone to be anointed? Does anointing guarantee healing? What power lies in anointing? 

Editorial - How the clinical pastoral education program has been a blessing to me — Gary A. Buddoo-Fletcher

 Gary A. Buddoo-Fletcher reflects on the effectiveness and benefits of clinical pastoral education (CPE) in his pastoral ministry. 

The concubine and the Levite? Really? — Jeff Scoggins

The account of the Levite and the concubine demonstrates devastation.  What redeeming value can we get from this sordid account that appears in the Word of God? 

Pastoral families - The agony and mission of infertility and child loss — Claudine Anderson-Atkinson

Understanding the reality of infertility and child loss experienced by pastoral families, and the support that is available to them. 

The marvelous grace of insecurity - Getting to hopelessness — Len Hjalmarson

What are some challenges of middle-aged pastors?  How do leaders lead when they can’t gather? What can they do anyway? 

Pastor’s Pastor - Are you looking for the ideal church? — Ramon J. Canals

How do you find the ideal church? 12 qualities that churches should have according to the Bible. 

The value of a lament — Chris Morris

The difference between 'lament' and 'complaint'. The wonder, power, and beauty found in lamenting. 

Young adults: Their future, our future — Filip Milosavljevic

We have a crisis on our hands: young adults are leaving the church!  What are some practical steps we can take to prevent this from happening? 

Editorial - How are you spending your dash? — Pavel Goia

What are you prioritizing in life? Are your interests getting in the way of being fully surrendered to Jesus? 

Compilations and adaptations—are they the real thing? — Tim Poirier

What are “compilations” in contrast to Ellen White’s “original writings”? Practical ways that Seventh-day Adventist pastors can better help their congregation understa...

Affirming prophetic ministry in the local church — Jud Lake

Strategies to help you begin the process of affirming Ellen White’s prophetic ministry in the local church. 

“A great while before day” — Dwain N. Esmond

The amazing fruits of Ellen White's deep and meaningful relationship with God. 

Messenger of the Lord and the great controversy — Merlin D. Burt

The history of some of Ellen White's most famous books. 

All about Jesus! — Alberto R. Timm

Are the prophetic messages of God outdated, and do they need to be updated? Are Ellen White's writings still relevant today? 

Doing good to everyone — Michael Zwaagstra

How do churches decide who to support financially? What guidelines can pastors and church leaders follow when deciding on which people or communities to help?

Editorial - The prologue of winter — Jeffrey O. Brown

Summarizing the seasons of pastoring, and a call to value retired pastors.  

Pastor’s Pastor: How to acquire supernatural intelligence (SI) — Ramon J. Canals

While both artificial intelligence and natural intelligence have their merits, neither suffices to satisfy the profound spiritual yearnings of humanity. What is requir...

An AI devotional: The unshakable foundation — delving into Colossians 1 — ChatGPT

A computer-generated article by artificial intelligence (AI). 

Church in the age of algorithms and AI: Opportunity or minefield? — Sam Neves

Using AI as a productivity tool: benefits, risks and how to mitigate the dangers.

Shepherding with silicon — Damian Chambers

Are there any new ethical and/or theological issues created by ChatGPT and other such AI tools, and how should clergy respond? What are the ways a pastor can harness t...

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