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Change your church culture with baby steps — Dan Serns and Jacob Serns

Stories of breakthroughs and transformation in the church. How to take action to see positive culture change in your own church.

Revival and Reformation - The secret prayer life of Jesus — Passmore Hachalinga

Where, when, and how did Jesus pray? What was His prayer life like, and what can we learn from it?

Implementing evangelism in the local church — David Hartman

A simple 7-step plan for implementing a culture of evangelism in the local church so that members will actively reach their neighbors for Christ.

Learning to navigate in missional waters — Len Hjalmarson

What is the difference between 'map readers' and 'navigators' and why is it valuable for pastors to understand this? How do we 'toss the map' and learn to navigate thr...

Editorial - Persevering through pain — Jeffrey O. Brown

Is it a good idea to 'push through pain'? How do we persevere through pain?

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