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Address your sins — Michael Zwaagstra

Exploring Moses' ministry, and the consequences of his sins. The importance of addressing your sins before going into a public ministry.

Breaking or Freeing? Jesus, the Sabbath, and John 5:18 — Steven Thompson

Did Jesus really break the Sabbath? Exploring Jesus' actions on the Sabbath, and what we learn from this.

Revival and Reformation - Trusting the wind — John S. Redkoles

Exploring how scripture describes the Spirit of God as wind. How the Holy Spirit works with and in us.

Another look at the third commandment — Roman Pawlak

What is God's name? What does it really mean to take the Lord's name in vain?

The new covenant of Exodus — Elizabeth Ostring

Exploring the different covenants of Bible scripture. A close look at the new covenant in the Sinai setting.

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