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Guest Editorial: We have this hope –– Maurice Valentine

How the Seventh-day Adventist Church includes people who work closely and effectively, people who are making progress, and people who are called- all with the aim of s...

Social media—Friend or foe? — Jeff Scoggins

Social media can be a friend or a foe, depending on how one uses it or is used by it. A few suggestions for helping mitigate negative factors and increase positive fac...

Our currency—influence — Roy E. Gane

What can we learn about influence from scripture? What can we learn about influence from Solomon? Five tips for expanding your Christian influence.

Can Christians use TikTok for evangelism? — Damian Chambers

What is TikTok? What are some problems associated with the rise and dominance of TikTok video culture? What are some practical tips for evangelism on TikTok and simila...

Sidewalk Evangelism: Three angels’ messages for the city — Sandra Dombrowski

What is sidewalk evangelism? How can we share Revelation 14 in urban communities? Five principles for city sidewalk evangelism.

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