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Messenger of the Lord and the great controversy — Merlin D. Burt

The history of some of Ellen White's most famous books. 

All about Jesus! — Alberto R. Timm

Are the prophetic messages of God outdated, and do they need to be updated? Are Ellen White's writings still relevant today? 

Doing good to everyone — Michael Zwaagstra

How do churches decide who to support financially? What guidelines can pastors and church leaders follow when deciding on which people or communities to help?

Editorial - The prologue of winter — Jeffrey O. Brown

Summarizing the seasons of pastoring, and a call to value retired pastors.  

Pastor’s Pastor: How to acquire supernatural intelligence (SI) — Ramon J. Canals

While both artificial intelligence and natural intelligence have their merits, neither suffices to satisfy the profound spiritual yearnings of humanity. What is requir...

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